Who Are We?

A Bit More About Us

We’re Ashley and Lynette, just recently married!
We grew up in Cape Town and Ashley became involved in property in his early 20’s.

“I purchased my first property on auction in about 1995, my dad was my bank! That was my first introduction to buying property on auction, renting & then “flipping” the property. It worked…not well, but it worked! I’ve refined my processes, systemised my processes and replicated my processes! Now it works very well!”I started Pure Property Management in 2012 out of necessity. The letting agency I was working with, just didn’t cut it!
Property is my passion and I love to see things work!

I love to see how property can give people the power to choose.

I love to see how property can bring financial freedom.

My mantra is: If we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it right!

On this basis our service will always improve through innovating and not accepting ‘good enough’. We’re creating an outstanding place to work and our commitment to culture and service has helped us grow from humble beginnings to where we find ourselves today. We’re always looking to improve systems, always looking to innovate.
Since 2012 we’ve grown at a steady pace, adapting to the needs of individuals & innovating to stay ahead of ever changing legislation.
We’re so proud of our business, our team and our growing reputation. As our employee and customer base has grown, so has our appetite and ability to do more. We have an opportunity and a responsibility to continue to progress and increase our impact as a sector-leading company and world-class employer and we are grabbing this opportunity with both hands.

Property Management: Pure’n Simple