How to Proceed

Contact Pure Property Management To Apply For A Property

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Phone: 071 170 0716.

We conduct a due diligence on each tenant who applies for a property. We have a moral responsibility to tenants to ensure they can afford a property without putting them under undue financial pressure. We also have an obligation to the landlord to ensure you can afford the property.

Our affordability factor is calculated by taking the rent and multiplying it by a factor of 2,5. For example, if the rent is R10,000 per month X 2.5 = R25,000. You will then need to earn R25,000 per month to be able to afford the property in this example.

Our property application process will check your financial affordability, we will require a satisfactory landlord reference from your current or previous landord and confirmation that you are in permanent employment. (Exceptions may apply).

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