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Pure Property Management doesn’t just find you a house or flat to rent – we find you a home. We ensure all our properties are of a high standard and we aren’t afraid to say no to landlords with properties that fail to meet our compliance standards. For anyone who is looking for a property or a flat to rent, you will know how difficult it is. Cape Town is an extremely competitive landscape for rental properties so let us make it easy for you. 

All our properties have been fairly appraised so we charge you a fair rental price for a fair market value.  Once you’ve chosen your new home from our extensive list of properties and flats to rent, we’ll draw up a rental agreement outlining deposit & rental prices with no extra hidden fees.

To find more information about properties and flats to rent in Cape Town, please get in touch by either calling us on: 071170 0716 or email us through our Contact Us page

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